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Levagen®+ Coated Palmitoylethanolamide (PEA)

Product code: P12173

Levagen®+ is a white crystalline powder sourced from palm kernel oil. It contains palmitoylethanolamide (PEA) which has beneficial influences on joint health and sports recovery. PEA is a food component known for more than 50 years and was first isolated from soybeans, peanuts and egg yolk. Levagen®+ is a white, crystalline powder with NLT 99% active content. It is manufactured from palmitic acid, sourced from Malaysia, and does not contain any allergenic ingredients.  

Adding LipiSperse® to Levagen®+ makes it a cold-water dispersible format. LipiSperse® has been developed by award-winning Pharmako Biotechnologies, to increase functionality and bioavailability of PEA for food and beverage applications. 

Levagen®+ is also available in capsule and effervescent tablet format. See below for pcodes:


P11786 - Levagen®


P12454 - Levagen®+ 300mg capsule with LipiSperse® technology 


P12174 - Levagen®+ 160mg effervescent tablet


P12175 - Levagen® effervescent tablet with LipiSperse® technology 20/tube

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