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Product code: P11841, P15755

TheaGreen® is a range of green tea extracts providing standardised amounts of the amino acid theanine.

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Extracted from green tea leaves, TheaGreen® is a naturally derived alternative to other L-theanine products which are typically produced by chemical synthesis.

Green tea usually provides between 30-50 mg of theanine per 2/3 cups, however, the quantity varies. TheaGreen® provides a concentrated and standardised dose of theanine making it suitable for use in food supplements.

TheaGreen® is suitable for food supplements and is a popular addition to cognitive function formulations for both day and night products. It combines well with caffeine.

We have two strengths of TheaGreen® available:

  • P11841 - TheaGreen® L-theanine 40%
  • P15755 - TheaGreen® L-theanine 60%

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