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Calcium Bisglycinate

Product code: P15384

Calcium Bisglycinate consists of calcium bound to glycine with a strong type of bond called chelation.

  • Authentic fully reacted bisglycinate
  • Bioavailable, gentle, and soluble form of calcium


Calcium Bisglycinate is pH stable (even in the acidic environment of the stomach). The stable bonds between the glycine molecules with the calcium ions prevent dissociation. A more stable compound means less interaction with dietary inhibitors, leading to greater bioavailability.


Calcium deficiency can be due to inadequate intake or poor intestinal absorption. The bioavailability of Calcium Bisglycinate is thought to be around 44%, which is significantly higher than other common calcium sources (for example, calcium carbonate and calcium citrate are thought to be similar at around 24%).

Calcium Bisglycinate is less affected by dietary inhibitors. Dietary inhibitors, such as phytic acid, can significantly decrease the bioavailability of calcium as it can bind metal ions strongly, preventing their absorption.


Calcium carbonate is one of the most popular forms of calcium due to its affordability and relatively high calcium content. Unfortunately, less bioavailable sources of calcium, such as calcium carbonate, have been associated with constipation if consumed at a large enough dose.

Because Calcium Bisglycinate is more bioavailable, a lower dose of calcium can deliver the same benefit and may be better tolerated.


Calcium Bisglycinate is soluble in water.

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