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We have teamed up with Lonza® who created the DUOCAP® technology to create five brand-new formulations.

The DUOCAP® range features: 

Brand differentiation - a visually appealing delivery system that creates a distinct and premium product presentation.

Cambridge Assured - our commitment that all our ingredients have been sourced from carefully selected, assessed and approved producers.

Dual release mechanism - The DUOCAP® technology offers a dual release mechanism, allowing for immediate and delayed release of ingredients.

Customised formulation - with over 2500 quality ingredients available, Cambridge Commodities is the perfect partner for customised formulations.

Enhanced product stability - Lonza's cap-in-cap technology provides exceptional product stability by protecting sensitive ingredients from degradation.

Formulations available to you:

  • DUOCAP® Sleep – P17725
  • DUOCAP® eGaming – P17724
  • DUOCAP® Mental Performance – P17722
  • DUOCAP® Menopause  – P17723
  • DUOCAP® Menopause Premium – P17721

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