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Vita-algae D®

Vita-algae D® is a vegan alternative to the conventional vitamin D3 which is obtained from animal-origin.


Registered by the vegan society as vegan suitable, it meets the growing demand for vegan substitutes and plant-based foods.

  • A sustainable vegan suitable form of cholecalciferol (vitamin D3)  
  • Derived from algae 
  • Available in two standardised forms: oil or powder

Vita-algae D® is an algae source of vitamin D3 and is available in two standardised forms: an oil or powder. It is perfect for use across a wide range of applications including food supplements and other nutraceuticals.

  • P12359 - oil
  • P12360 - powder
  • P16841 - EU source powder
  • P15599 and P15600 - Vita-Algae D® sprays (Our latest innovative formats) for more information or to talk directly with a member of our sales team, contact us.

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