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BLENDEV.®+ is a range of pre-formulated blends with added botanicals. Each blend is tailored to a specific purpose and can offer EFSA health claims.


The latest in the range: 

  • BLENDEV.®+ Beauty All in One - P15367  BLENDEV.®+ Beauty All in One is a blend of the essential vitamins and minerals that contribute to the maintenance of normal healthy skin, hair and nails. The ingredients have been specifically chosen for their role in maintaining healthy skin, hair and nails based on established science, backed by authorised health claims. The blend is suitable for use in tablets, capsules, powder blends and can even be incorporated into food and beverages.

 Download the product sheet below for nutritional information, specific EFSA health claims and more on the range.


  • BLENDEV.®+ night time - P12955

  • BLENDEV.®+ cognitive - P13084

  • BLENDEV.®+ electrolyte - P13357

  • BLENDEV.®+ bone blend - P12991

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