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Health & wellbeing

The health & wellbeing sector is broad and multifaceted. Cambridge Commodities has a huge amount of experience providing ingredients and finished concepts that can allow you to excel in this space.

Health and wellbeing is a very personal aspect of someone’s life that is often very different between people. As such getting a specific product to the right customer can ensure repeat sales for many years to come. If people notice an improvement in their health by taking a product that provides nutritional benefits or allows them to more easily adopt a positive lifestyle, you can rest assured that they will be coming back for more.

Different product formats and need state areas can give access to many different markets, each one with its own particulars. Energy, heart, bone, immunity, and ageing are just a few of the available focus areas and at Cambridge Commodities we know exactly what ingredients fit them and how to formulate products that allow access to the all-important EFSA health claims to match.

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