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At Cambridge Commodities we supply a variety of ingredients to the beverage industry.

At Cambridge Commodities, we supply a variety of ingredients and blends to the beverage industry for various products including:

  • Juice
  • Squash
  • Smoothies
  • Sparkling
  • Hot drinks
  • Plant-based milks
  • Performance drinks
  • Alcoholic
  • Non-alcoholic

Our beverage ingredients cover numerous types including nutritional, value added and functional. We can also formulate bespoke blends for drink products or match your existing ones.


As a beverage ingredient supplier, we recognise our responsibility when it comes to the quality of the products we distribute. That’s why we ensure high standards are met at every step of the supply chain.

All suppliers must complete a strict verification process and meet our stringent quality standards before becoming an approved factory. Once ingredients arrive at CC HQ, they are subject to thorough in-house testing and external testing. After all checks are complete and our quality team is happy, we create CoAs and technical dossiers for all of our beverage ingredients before they’re released for sale.

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We are passionate about the ingredients we supply and the industries that we work in. Our team is always looking to bring the newest ingredients to market and stay ahead of consumer trends.

Whether you’re looking to make a health claim on pack, create a healthier drink or wanting to source a trending ingredient, we are here to help.

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