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ActiBio Cambridge Commodities BC01, probiotic


Product code: P13511

ActiBio®-BS (Bacillus subtilis) spores is a probiotic strain that is stable through a wide range of temperatures and extreme acidic conditions. 

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Benefits of ActiBio®-BS (Bacillus subtilis)

  • Ability to withstand high temperatures 
  • Proven gastric stability 
  • Very high sporulation efficiency 
  • Can be stored & transported without refrigeration 
  • Good safety profile

Probiotics are increasingly being used as a food supplement for dietary needs. To support this need, we are pleased to offer Bacillus subtilus, our latest strain from the ActiBio® shelf-stable live cultures range. ActiBio®-BS is a spore-forming, lactic acid-producing bacteria which maintains viability during preparation and storage. ActiBio®-BS comes as a greyish/white colour in powder form and provides 15 billion cfu/g.

Suitable applications:

Spore probiotics are being used extensively as supplements for humans, in animals as growth and competitive exclusion agents. Cambridge Commodities' ActiBio®-BS can be used in a wide range of formulations and food concepts due to its excellent heat stability. In addition, spores of B. subtilus can be incorporated commercially in baked foods, eg. cakes and muffins and the temperatures used in baking do not inactivate spores.

We currently have the following capsules available:

  • P16800 - ActiBio® combination capsule
  • P15388 ActiBio® Actazin® and Livaux™ combination capsule

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