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Super greens blend™

SuperGreens Blend™

The new and improved SuperGreens™ blend with twice the choice! SuperGreens™ and SuperGreens™together consist of 14 specially selected, high-quality greens ingredients. Boasting of many EFSA health claims and a clean label product.

  • High in vegan suitable Vitamin D3 and offers a clean label 
  • Our SuperGreens™ blend uses nutrient-dense grasses 
  • SuperGreens™  can be very useful for people who lead very acidic lifestyles
  • SuperGreens™+ contains Actazin™ and Livaux™ both clinically studied gut health ingredients


The SuperGreens™ Blends range consists of:

SuperGreens™ P14746:

6 popular ingredients selected for quality, continuity and clean label. This versatile greens blend can also be tailored to your taste, being suitable for the addition of bespoke flavouring— allowing you to create a unique, appealing and tasty product!


SuperGreens™+ P14912:

14 specially selected, finest ingredients to provide consumers with a well-balanced boost. Some of the unique products chosen by our NPD specialists include Actazin™, Livaux™ and Vita-algae D®. From clinically studied gut health ingredients to approved EFSA health claims, SuperGreens™+ has been formulated for continuity of supply and to top up your consumers daily nutrient intake.

The natural fibre content makes our SuperGreens™ ideal for digestion products and weight management.

View the product sheet below to see the available health claims, serving suggestions information and more. 

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