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AquaCelle™ technology

A powerful combination of Gencor’s AquaCelle™ delivery system that provides a much-improved product through enhanced absorption and bioavailability.


Congratulations to our partner, Gencor™ for winning:

NutraIngredients USA Awards - Ingredient of the Year: Healthy Aging

What is AquaCelle™?

AquaCelle™ is a patent self-micro-emulsifying delivery system (SMEDDS), specifically designed to increase the bioavailability of lipophilic actives. AquaCelle™ is made in Australia from pharmacopoeial grade ingredients and the ingredients in AquaCelle™ are approved for use in functional foods and beverages, as well as in high-quality dietary supplements. AquaCelle™ is optimised for the active - maximising bioavailability & functionality for ingredients.

What are the advantages of AquaCelle?

AquaCelle™ presents many formulation advantages which target the demands of your consumers. From pill fatigue: reducing size/number of capsules, overcoming the fishy reflex without enteric coating, to including oily actives in oral liquids and other formulations which can be added in water. It also demonstrates benefits for manufacturers, this award-winning technology is based on scientific research that can be given on request. It has been made with a range of natural emulsifiers and ecological methods and research show that AquaCelle™ has 6x enhanced absorption. All these make it much more sustainable than products in the current market.

At Cambridge Commodities, we've produced finished products utilising this powerful technology. These are:


Omega 3 50/25 TG with Lemon Oil & AquaCelle™ softgel Product code: P14905

First, in EMEA AquaCelle combined with 50/25 TG Fish Oil. Our latest softgel formulation Omega 3 50/25 with Lemon Oil incorporates sustainably sourced Fish Oil with bioavailability enhancing technology AquaCelle™ to provide a powerful 1-a-day formula in a #22 oblong softgel. This 1-a-day formula provides both DHA and EPA for access to EFSA health claims. We bring you the purest form of natural Fish Oil which is sustainable as it has been sourced and will always be sourced by suppliers approved by Friend of the Sea, and is also RSPO certified. The softgels have also been developed using natural Lemon Oil which removes the fishy scent and aftertaste commonly associated with Fish Oils and improves organoleptic all round. 




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AquaCelle® CoQ10 Product code: P13731

Coenzyme Q10 (CoQ10) is a molecule produced in the body. It aids mitochondria during energy production and is a part of the endogenous antioxidant system. It is similar to other pseudovitamin compounds because it is vital for survival but does not necessarily need to be taken as a supplement. CoQ10 is found in various foods; mainly meat and fish. It’s mostly associated with positively impacting the function of blood vessels, leading to reduce blood pressure and improved blood flow.

aquacelle coq10 softgel




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