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Core Chelate® range

Core Chelate® is a range of minerals that are fully reacted. Many bisglycines are available on the market but not all are fully reacted and not all chelates are fully formed.

These minerals are bioavailable and don’t cause degradation in other vitamins in products. Bisglycinates may also be less prone to causing off flavours and colouring which can be a problem with certain mineral sources.

Products available in the range:

Our research

Our experienced Senior Quality Specialist, Cecilia Anzani PhD, performed in-depth research to develop a verification process that has been also validated with experimental data to prove the formation of the chelates.

External accredited laboratories performed a composition analysis, which was followed by the chemical fingerprint checks by spectroscopic analysis to show the formation of the complex of metals and 2 molecules of glycine. As part of the validation process, research laboratories performed a series of spectroscopic and spectrometric analyses with the purpose of this research being to confirm that the supply we buy was fully reacted.

As a result, the study demonstrated that the chemical fingerprint can be used to verify each batch is fully reacted.

The result

We have managed to demonstrate that our range of metal bisglycinates (magnesium, calcium, zinc, copper, and iron) are fully reacted metal complexes with glycine. Our work has also confirmed that chemical fingerprinting can be used to verify that each batch from this range is fully chelated.

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