Gencor™ specialises in botanical ingredients to meet the changing health needs of consumers.

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  • Testofen® - P32796 – a fenugreek extract designed to boost testosterone levels 
  • HydroCurc® - P10489 – cold water dispersible curcumin extract
  • Levagen® - P11786 – clinically studied palmitoylethanolamide designed for joint health
  • Levagen+™ - P12173 – manages discomfort and supports the function of joints
  • AquaCelle™ CoQ10 -  P13731 – aids mitochondria during energy production
  • Genopause® - P11185 - studied for its ability to reduce menopausal symptoms 


Innovation in partnership! Listen to our latest Table Talk podcast partnered with Gencor as we explore capsules, tablets and focus on expanding the breadth in an already innovative market.

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