Clear Rice Protein

Introducing CC's latest innovation, Clear Rice Protein. A vegan, fully soluble protein drink here to provide your consumers with a refreshingly clear alternative to the classic 'creamy' protein shakes.

Currently available in three off the shelf flavours and a just as tasty unflavored Rice Protein, take a look below:

What's shaping sports protein-based RTD?

According to Innova Market Insights, demand for refreshing and indulgent flavours (cocktail) and on-the-go formats are fostering NPD growth. The average growth in global beverages with a vegan claim: +30% soft drinks and +48% hot drinks.


Why Clear Rice Protein:

  • Vegan suitable
  • Excellent amino acid profile
  • Bespoke flavours available on request 

These tasty flavours also utilise Librifoam® Silicone Antifoam to reduce unwanted foaming and maintain consistency. For more information on solutions to controlling foam in food manufacturing processes and across the food and beverage industry, find out more here.


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Product Sheet Cover

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