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ActiBio Cambridge Commodities BC01, probiotic


Product code: P12884

ActiBio®-BC (Bacillus coagulans 15BN) is a unique probiotic with a superior status for its survivability, colonisation and lactic acid production abilities.

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  • ActiBio®-BC is a spore-forming, lactic acid-producing bacteria
  • Room temperature -stable for up to 24 months
  • Can support overall health by improving digestion and strengthening the immune system


What is ActiBio®-BC?

ActiBio®-BC (Bacillus coagulans 15BN) is a probiotic with unique benefits of added stability and shelf life. It comes as a light white to yellow powder and provides 15 billion CFU/g. This strength allows for easy formulation and dosage solutions. Probiotics can be used to describe a group of ingredients in the supplemental market that encompass the beneficial living bacteria that can be found within your gastrointestinal tract. By supplementing with probiotics you can improve digestion, and have profound benefits on other aspects of health.

Suitable applications:

It is suitable for a range of applications, primarily capsule formats. However, with its ability to survive high temperatures it can also be utilised in heat-treated drink applications like milk RTD’s. 

We currently have the following capsules available:

  • P16800 - ActiBio® combination capsule
  • P15388 ActiBio® Actazin® and Livaux™ combination capsule

Your questions answered:

The problem in the market with typical probiotics is that they have very poor stability over 24 months, they will die over the course of the shelf life and activity levels will drop respectively. ActiBio®-BC can give peace of mind to manufacturers and brands alike knowing that the activity levels of this popular branded ingredient will not drop and the efficacy of their finished products will not be impacted over the course of shelf life. Additionally, this ingredient addresses the journey probiotics take to reach the gut, which involves passing through the highly acidic stomach conditions. Most probiotics will not survive these conditions, however, ActiBio®-BC is resistant to the acid and will pass through alive and well - all the way to the intestine.


Introducing ActiBio®-BS, our latest strain from the ActiBio® shelf-stable live cultures range. Explore the ingredient here!

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