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Zinc Bisglycinate

Product code: P2609

Zinc Bisglycinate consists of zinc bound to 2 glycine molecules with a strong type of bond called chelation.

  • Authentic fully reacted bisglycinate
  • Bioavailable, stable, gentle, and soluble source of zinc


When an amino acid chelate is properly formed, it is very stable. Zinc Bisglycinate is stable throughout the intestinal tract, making it more bioavailable. Other common sources of zinc can be chemically reactive with other components within a product. Zinc salts can ionize and react with vitamins such as vitamin C, vitamin A and vitamin B6, increasing their rate of degradation in a formulation. Zinc Bisglycinate is ideal as a source of zinc for vitamin and mineral formulations because the glycine molecules protect the vitamins being degraded by zinc. Zinc Bisglycinate could also be a good option for milk fortification as the glycine molecules protect the fat from oxidation (off-flavours caused by oxidation is a problem often reported with zinc fortification).


Zinc Bisglycinate is highly bioavailable and has even been shown to be more bioavailable than zinc picolinate.


Other sources of zinc can cause nausea when consumed on an empty stomach. Zinc Bisglycinate is thought to be gentler on the stomach.


Zinc Bisglycinate is freely soluble in water, making it much more bioavailable than non-soluble sources of zinc (such as zinc oxide). Its solubility also makes it suitable for a wider range of product applications.

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