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Anagenix is a New Zealand based company operating in the functional food and nutraceutical space.

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Anagenix works with crown research institutions in New Zealand to bring the best of New Zealand’s horticulture to the world of nutraceuticals. Their Science team collaborate with various universities and research institutions to run In-Vitro, In-Vivo and Clinical Studies on New Zealand plants and fruits. The Science, coupled with Anagenix’s proprietary method of processing the fruits ensure that their products have high bioavailability and are able to stand up to the rigour of scientific testing.

The Anagenix product range includes:

Its products Actazin® and Livaux® promote bowel regularity and microbiome balance in digestive health, BerriQi® promotes lung health (especially targeting air pollution) and has various other products in blood glucose management and protein digestion.

Cambridge Commodities is the UK exclusive distribution partner for Actazin® and Livaux®. 

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