Vitamins and minerals

Fulvic minerals MLG-50

Product code: P11450

Fulvic acid is best known for its contribution to nutrient absorption. Research has shown that fulvic acid can enhance the availability of nutrients from our diets and make them more readily absorbable. As well as increasing absorption, fulvic acids transform inorganic mineral rocks and mineral metals into their activated, water-soluble, “cell-ready” form and transports them to the right place in our bodies. 

Fulvic minerals are fully soluble, have a pleasant taste and aroma, and a fulvic acid concentration of 40%, verified by the LAMAR standardised method for quantification. With more than twice the potency of other humic substances, such as shilajit, fulvic minerals offer benefits in lowering the amount needed to achieve the same dose level of fulvic acid. 

Recommended Daily Intake (RDI): 100mg 

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