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Wellness redefined: nutrition, sleep and selecting the right ingredients

In an industry prone to innovation and reinvention, there is no substitute for a holistic approach that encompasses present trends while leaving room for future shifts in the market. Health and wellbeing is a product category that has always been subject to shifting paradigms, but recent trends have seen a notable move towards personalised nutrition as a means of redefining health and wellbeing for a burgeoning audience of consumers who have come to understand the importance of looking beyond the label.

As part of our efforts to keep our community informed of how the nutrition industry is evolving, we’ll be launching our new wellness redefined blog series detailing key trends in the health and wellbeing sector and highlighting the Cambridge Commodities product solutions best-suited to making the most of them. This issue, we will be looking at sleep and why an increasing number of consumers are turning to supplementation to help them get some shut eye.

Why the weary heads?

In a recent global sleep survey, 27% of respondents reported that they had been actively seeking ways to improve their sleeping patterns. Similarly, 41% of those who took supplements did so to manage their energy levels, representing a segment of consumers that has not gone unnoticed by supplement manufacturers. According to Innova Market Insights, the number of global product launches with an insomnia aid claim has increased at a CAGR of +16.57% from 2015 to 2019 and seems likely to increase as greater priority is placed on soothing the restless consumer. Although experts suggest that adults aged 18-64 should sleep for approximately seven to nine hours per night, it would seem that many struggle to balance the demands of the modern world with a complete night’s rest, and the solution is rarely cut and dry.

As with all things concerning health and wellbeing, sleep deprivation is as much a holistic issue as it is a particular one. Rampant energy levels and insomnia demand more than just supplementation, but also an awareness of the interconnectivity inherent to the human body. For a growing assortment of global manufacturers, fortifying insomnia claims with brain-mood and weight management claims has been especially popular. FMCG companies, for example, have become invested in sleep deprivation as a realm waiting to be broached by functional food and beverage products which turn the midnight snacking phenomenon into another opportunity to offer some much-needed nutritional support.  Indeed, an opportunity for breaking ground in the sleep aid arena certainly exists for the forward-facing product line, and the question of how your organisation can stand to benefit from doing so is one that bears answering.

Rest assured with Cambridge Commodities

At Cambridge Commodities, we have taken the time to amass a diverse catalogue of nutritional ingredients and finished products carefully tailored to adapt to the needs of your products with trained precision. Our team of experts ensure that our offerings consistently provide our clients with the premium quality they have come to expect so their products can rise to the challenges of a contemporary global marketplace.

Solutions redefined: Montmorency Cherry Powder, Casein Protein and Magnesium

For a solution well-suited to a functional midnight snack, our Montmorency Cherry Powder (P11596) provides the distinctly fruity taste of the Montmorency CherryThis powder can be used as a core ingredient in reds blends as well as in tablet and capsule formats as a vegan-suitable ingredient with an appealing taste profile.

Our Micellar Casein Protein (P35047) acts as a post-workout supplement which supports overnight recovery. Slow absorbing for a sustained flow of protein from the point of consumption, it is an ideal component of late-night protein shakes for its ability to provide an early morning boost of energy. Rounded out with a complete amino acid profile that contributes to the maintenance of muscle mass, it can be a boon to product lines looking to expand into multifunctional fortified food and beverage products.

Finally, we offer a variety of Magnesium blends for securing EFSA-permitted claims for contributing to the reduction of tiredness and fatigue in sleep aid products. Magnesium also carries approved claims for contributing to normal energy-yielding metabolism, normal muscle function and normal psychological function among others, making it an ideal multipurpose ingredient for providing a holistic solution to health and wellbeing that encompasses insomnia. Our Magnesium blends include:

•             Magnesium Ascorbate (8.1%) mg – P13017

•             Magnesium Aspartate (20%) mg – P13018

•             Magnesium Chelate (40%) – P13026

•             Magnesium Gluconate (5.06 – 5.86% mg) – P1304

•             Magnesium Glycinate (18%) – P11562

To find out what Montmorency Cherry Powder, Micellar Casein Protein or any of our Magnesium blends can do for your new and existing products, contact our team for more information.

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