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Vitafoods sample summary

Vitafoods sample summary

Vitafoods 2019 had our biggest sample selection to date. Below is an overview of each product featured on the stand:

Beadlet technology

An innovative way to modify the release of active substances to avoid absorption spikes, releasing actives in a controlled manner to maintain optimum therapeutic blood levels. Beadlet technology can also help mask undesirable bitter tastes, opening up opportunities to develop products with strong tasting substances which would usually only be possible in tablet or capsule formats. Beadlets are also visually very appealing and can be coloured using vibrant natural colours to create something visually inspiring, allowing consumers to see the active ingredients.

HydroCurc® effervescents

HydroCurc® is a cold water dispersible powdered extract from the Curcuma Longa with an extract ratio of 25:1. It is specifically designed to increase the absorption of its active curcuminoids through higher bioavailability. HydroCurc® provides over 80% curcuminoids which are powerful antioxidants with potent anti-inflammatory effects. One of which is curcumin, and it is responsible for the bright orange pigment in turmeric.  

HydroCurc® uses LipiSperse® which is a system that allows it to disperse in water and drink applications, previously this would have been impossible. LipiSperse® also won the Editors Award for Innovation at the Nutra Ingredients Awards 2019.

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Ahiflower® is the richest effective combined essential fatty acids from a single plant. It is uniquely rich in the essential fatty acids stearidonic acid (SDA) and gamma-linolenic acid (GLA). Ahiflower® has been shown to have anti-inflammatory and beneficial immune-modulatory properties typically associated with marine oils.

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Levagen+™ effervescents

Levagen+™ utilises LipiSperse® for 1.8x more bioavailability which won the Editors Award for Innovation at the Nutra Ingredients Awards 2019.

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ProEarth® hemp protein 65%

Our hemp protein standardised to 65% has been engineered to have excellent organoleptic properties, focusing on mouthfeel and texture. These properties make it perfect for protein drink applications of all flavours and doses.

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instAA®, is a vegan suitable amino acid blend that provides the branch chain amino acids (BCAAs) L- Leucine, L-Isoleucine and L-Valine in a ratio of 2:1:1. These amino acids are highly prominent in muscle tissue making them important for muscle protein synthesis.

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Vita-algae D™

Vita-algae D™ is a vegan alternative to the conventional vitamin D3 which is obtained from animal-origin. Registered by the vegan society as vegan suitable, it meets the growing demand for vegan substitutes and plant-based foods.

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Gut health – meal replacement drink

SlimBiome® helps feed the gut microbiota to maintain a healthy microflora. SlimBiome® also contains glucomannan which promotes the feeling of fullness and has authorised EFSA claims for weight management

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Pre workout

Our pre-workout is a vegan, natural caffeine source associated with boosting energy and endurance. It contains our branded Coffeine®, a naturally derived powdered caffeine extract made from coffee beans.

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