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Vitafoods 2022 sample summary

At Vitafoods 2022 we had an exciting sample selection and tasting bar! Below is an overview of each product featured on our stand:

  • Coll-egan® Vegan Collagen Blend (P13772, P14358, P14359) - Coll-egan® is a bespoke blend of amino acids derived by fermentation and are 100% vegan suitable. Read more.
  • Clear Plant Protein (P16009, P1601, P16043, P15574) - Our Clear Plant Protein is a vegan suitable, fully soluble protein drink. It provides consumers with a refreshingly clear alternative to the classic ‘creamy’ protein shakes. Flavours available: Strawberry & Kiwi, Tropical, Cherry Cola and Unflavoured. Read more.
  • Coffee Boosters - Our superfood Coffee Boosters act as a whitener for coffee to add functionality and deliver a unique flavour. Coffee Boosters available to try: Cacao, Maca, Turmeric, Matcha and Cordyceps.
  • Vita-algae D® Plant-Based Vitamin D Peppermint Spray (P15599, P15600) - Our Vita-algae D® Spray is a convenient and easy to use format to provide a regulated daily dose of vegan-suitable Vitamin D. Read more.
  • Actazin (P01054) and Livaux (P33387) Digestive Complex Chewable Tablets - These tablets improve the glycaemic profile in the small intestine whilst providing prebiotic and microbiome support within the large intestine. Read more about Actazin® here, and about Livaux® here.
  • Glucomannan Puffs - Our Glucomannan Puffs are a tasty, high fibre snack available in four different flavours: Sea Salt & Balsamic Vinegar, Thai Sweet Chilli, BBQ and Vegan Cheeze.
If you have any questions about the above or regarding anything else, please contact us.

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