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Products for immunity

As winter looms ahead of us, colds and other viruses seem to be impossible to get away from. Using premium ingredients can be a great way to ensure that your customers are fit for the cold weather ahead. 

What can Cambridge Commodities offer?

Levagen®+ is our partner, Gencor’s, premium palmitoylethanolamide (PEA) that uses the LipiSperse® coating and delivery system to make this ingredient more soluble.  PEA is a known anti-inflammatory and analgesic, it is naturally produced by the body as a repair mechanism in response to periods of increased stress, pain, and inflammation. As such, it may be a powerful tool to help reduce inflammation when consumers are under the weather. As an analgesic, it can help alleviate the headaches that are often associated with these infections. 

CurraNZ® from our partner, Health Currancy is a blackcurrant extract grown exclusively in New Zealand that is standardised to 35% anthocyanins. While regular activity boosts the body’s natural defences overall, intense exercise leads to a drop in the body’s natural immune defences, leading to immune fatigue, delayed tissue repair, susceptibility to infection and reduced performance. CurraNZ® has been studied and shown to maintain circulating neutrophil function following exercise. 

Vita-algae D®
Vita-algae D® is a sustainable vegan suitable form of cholecalciferol (Vitamin D3) sourced from algae and is available in two standardised forms: oil or powder. A source of vitamin D allows you to make a host of EFSA-approved health claims about your products including contribution to the normal functioning of the immune system. Our material is also cold-water-dispersible meaning that in a beverage format it won’t just settle to the bottom of your glass, allowing for maximum consumption. 

Core Chelate®
Core Chelate® is a range of minerals that are fully reacted. Many bisglycinates are available on the market but not all are fully reacted and not all chelates are fully formed. These minerals are bioavailable and don’t cause degradation in other vitamins in your products. Bisglycinates may also be less prone to causing off flavours and colouring which can be a problem with certain mineral sources. Our Zinc Bisclycinate (P2609) and Copper Bisglycinate (P14922) make for brilliant additions to top-of-the-range immune supplements as they also have the EFSA-approved health claim associated with them for normal immune function. 

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