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Our top 5 brands for sports nutrition

According to Grand View Research, the sports nutrition market size was valued at $40 billion USD in 2021 and is expected to expand at a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 8.5% from 2022 to 2030.

Tap into this growing market by exploring our top 5 brands for sports nutrition:

1. Libifem® (women's sports)

Our women’s health partner ingredient, Libifem®, has already been gaining traction in the women’s health space for its studied improvements on libido and menopause symptoms. However, a recently published study also suggests that it may be helpful in building lean mass and strength for those women regularly participating in resistance training. This new finding suggests that Libifem® is the perfect ingredient to be added in sports blends that are specifically aimed at women.

2. Coffeine® (pre-workout)

Caffeine is an already well-known ingredient in the sports sphere, but it doesn’t always align with brands that wish to maintain more “natural” messaging to their customers. Queue our branded ingredient that is extracted directly from coffee beans and cuts out the need for lab synthesis, Coffeine®. Better yet, Coffeine® is as high in caffeine as the normal anhydrous so it can be swapped in at a 1 to 1 ratio - no need for adjusting your serve size.

3. PerforMelon® (blood flow)

Our PerforMelon® powder is a brilliant addition to any intra-workout or post-workout drink. At 70% watermelon juice powder, it is extremely hydrating and refreshing but it also contains lycopene and citrulline which are extensively studied ingredients for sport performance.

4. Levagen®+ (sports recovery)

Levagen+® is a branded and heavily researched ingredient with a plethora of benefits and it has been extensively researched for its sports performance and recovery benefits. Levagen+® may help not only decrease muscle pain after work-out but may also help increase the time and intensity of individuals' workouts, which may lead to better results.

5. KSM-66® (improved muscle strength)

KSM-66® is the most heavily studied ashwagandha extract on the market. While it has become incredibly popular for its anti-anxiety benefits, it is also studied for its training-enhancing benefits. KSM-66® may improve cardiorespiratory endurance and help to increase muscle mass and strength. Compared with the placebo group, study participants reported increased muscle strength and size when taken in tandem with resistance training.

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