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New study: CETO3® Omega-11 raises Omega-3 index more efficiently than fish oil

Oblong omega-3 softgels

A recent study has revealed that CETO3®, our latest and greatest partner ingredient launch, raises Omega-3 index more efficiently than fish oil

Study design:

  • 30 participants between the ages of 20 and 70 years.
  • 2 x 1 gram caps of either CETO3® (400mg/ day, 200mg DHA/ EPA, n=14*) or fish oil (600mg/ day, 300mg DHA/EPA n=16*)
  • 12-week study

*n = number of participants


  • 18.5% increase in Omega-3 Index in CETO3® group
  • CETO3® may be able to deliver an efficacy improvement in the Omega-3 index when compared to standard Omega-3 fish oil. More research needs to be done but a very promising result.

Of interest to note:

Four of the participants in the fish oil group withdrew from the study due to nausea and reflux when taking the capsules. None of the participants taking CETO3® withdrew for this reason so it would appear that reflux and nausea typically associated with fish oil is not experienced with consumption of CETO3®. 

 Read the full study

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