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New product alert: MetaBac® Postbiotic Powder

Introducing MetaBac®!

A postbiotic powder with proven results.

MetaBac® is a versatile ingredient targeting the gut health and healthy ageing markets.

What are postbiotics?

Unlike probiotics which are live bacteria that help regulate the gut microbiome, postbiotics are the metabolic byproducts of probiotics that may have numerous health benefits.

Postbiotic powder is made by fermenting probiotics and then extracting the beneficial compounds that are produced during the fermentation process. These compounds, which include short-chain fatty acids and peptides, may improve gut health and may even help reduce inflammation.

Clinical studies

MetaBac® has been shown to improve various physiological markers such as blood glucose and cholesterol.

It was also shown that daily consumption of MetaBac® at 600mg boasts an evident effect in promoting stool frequency.


Suitable for dietary supplements (i.e. powder blends, tablets and capsules).

For more information on MetaBac® and to request a product sheet, click here.

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