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L-theanine now considered novel

Green tea leaves in field

If you've looked into creating a brain-health product in the last year, you may have been surprised to learn that a fan favourite, L-theanine, is now considered novel in some cases. We're going to look into where and when theanine can be used.

What is L-theanine?

L-theanine is an amino acid celebrated for its potential health benefits, including potentially alleviating anxiety, stress and insomnia. It is naturally found in green and black tea.

What is the problem?

Any L-theanine not derived from green tea is considered novel as per the novel food catalogue (this was updated in 2021). It is only not novel in the product category of food supplements. To use L-Theanine in any other product type may require authorisation before being placed on the market in the EU.

For more information on the novel status of specific ingredients, please refer to the novel food catalogue.

For more information on food supplements, please see the EU summary page with regulations and directives.


✔️ Food supplement with theanine from green tea

❌ Food supplement with synthetic theanine

❌ Food or beverage with theanine from green tea.

❌❌ Food or beverage with synthetic theanine

Want a source of L-theanine derived from green tea? Then consider using our TheaGreen® range for food supplements:

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