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Introducing our brand-new natural source of L-theanine

If you’ve been searching for a natural source of L-theanine, look no further than our brand-new range of green tea extracts. TheaGreen® provides a standardised amount of the amino acid L-theanine from a natural source.

Abbey Tyrrell, Product Innovation Executive said: “L-theanine is typically produced by chemical synthesis, so we wanted to create a range for customers that are looking to source L-theanine from green tea leaves.”

Green tea usually provides between 30-50 mg of theanine per 2/3 cups, however, the quantity varies. “To tackle the varying quantities, TheaGreen® provides a concentrated and standardised dose of L-theanine in two strengths: 40% and 60%.” Abbey continued.

TheaGreen® is suitable for food supplements and is a popular addition to cognitive function formulations for both day and night products. It combines well with caffeine for authorised EFSA health claims.

For more information on TheaGreen® and to request a product sheet, click here.

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