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Going for gold with Levagen®+

If you have spoken to a member of the Cambridge Commodities team you’ve probably heard us mention that we were the first UK ingredient supplier to become Informed-Sport Certified. It is an achievement we are proud of and a certification that values our investment in quality, service and innovation for our customers’ demands.  

We’re delighted to announce today that our partner ingredient Levagen®+ has gained Informed Ingredient Certification from LGC, UK, for the absence of WADA prohibited substances. 


Informed-Sport is a global quality assurance programme for sports supplements and the certification holds brands to the highest accountability in sports nutrition. To gain Informed-Sport status, products must undergo rigorous processes from a manufacturing review through to in-depth sample testing. This is a huge milestone for Levagen®+ and cements its positioning in the sports nutrition arena. 

Our rising star - Levagen®+ 

At Cambridge Commodities we partner with key ingredient manufacturers in the market to supply our customers with research-backed, quality ingredients. Gencor’s Levagen®+ is a highly bioavailable form of palmitoylethanolamide (PEA) which is found naturally in certain foods. It is a self-produced regulatory molecule made by immune cells which plays a key role in controlling inflammation-signalling pathways. 

With a wide range of product applications from tablets, capsules, snacks, powdered blends, and beverages, Levagen®+ is a studied ingredient that can be a valuable addition to your product portfolio.  

Looking to drive your product forward with Levagen®+? Please get in touch with our team who are on hand to help. 


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