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Food Fortification and Supplements Could be Key to Healthy Intake of Vitamin D

A study conducted by researchers at the Technical University of Denmark evaluated the effects of combining vitamin D fortified food with a daily supplement. The results of the study suggest that this daily combination could be a practical strategy to achieve healthy vitamin D levels.

In the study of 855 Danish women, 88% of them failed to meet the average vitamin D intake requirement of 7.5 micrograms per day through their normal diet. An intake that is below the recommended levels set by many national health authorities including Denmark. Further population studies revealed that vitamin D levels are generally lower in women compared to men.

The study assessed various scenarios of vitamin D intake including habitual sources alone (either with or without fish) or a combination of fortified foods and varied levels of supplementation. The fortified foods included plain yoghurt, cheese, eggs and crispbreads, each providing 20 micrograms per day.

The results of the study showed that following the combination of fortified food and supplement intake, all women showed adequate and safe levels of vitamin D.


VitaShroom D®

VitaShroom D® is a mushroom-based powder that provides a convenient way to obtain vitamin D from a plant-based source. It provides 7500IU/g and helps to support teeth and bone health which is particularly important for vulnerable groups such as children, indoor workers and the elderly.

VitaShroom D® is produced exclusively for Cambridge Commodities in Europe, where the mushrooms are harvested and processed on the same site to provide full supply chain traceability. It is suitable for use in tablets, capsules and powder blends as well as foods.

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Other vitamin D2 studies

Photobiology of vitamin D in mushrooms and its bioavailability in humans:

This study found that ingesting vitamin D2 from mushrooms grown under UV light was as effective as ingesting the same active quantity of vitamin D3 in supplement form.

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