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#FibreFebruary is a consumer-led campaign actioned by the Flour Advisory Bureau to celebrate fibre. Only 4% of women and 13% of men eat the recommended 30g of fibre a day according to the National Diet and Nutrition Survey undertaken in March 2018 by Public Health England and the UK Food Standards Agency.

Fibre has many benefits including keeping the digestive system healthy, maintaining desirable cholesterol levels and encouraging healthy gut bacteria. Fibre is also well known for helping us to feel full and preventing constipation. 

The communications of the importance of fibre have been shown to be worthwhile and consumers are listening.  A survey conducted by Innova last year revealed that 33% of UK consumers are increasing their fibre consumption, most doing so to improve their digestive health. 

Not only does fibre have benefits in the body, but it is also being recognised in the food and beverage industry for its abilities to reduce sugar in products. IMOFibe™ is a great product to use as a sugar replacer, find out more here.

With consumers already becoming aware, brands are too. Innova reports that product launches with a ‘high in fibre’ claim are on the rise and although bakery and cereal product launches are dominant, the snacks and sports nutrition subcategories are growing substantially.

We have a range of fibres for you to incorporate into your products:

  • P09025 inulin 
  • P09028 inulin raftilose synergy 1 
  • P02239 organic inulin powder
  • P1107 konjac (glucomannan) 90%
  • P34116 konjac min 95% glucomannan 
  • P01253 apple pectin
  • P01237 citrus pectin
  • P0382 citrus fibre
  • P15009 oat flour (gluten-free)
  • P15008 oat flour powder (instant)
  • P03138 CarBarley™
  • P01047 organic activated barley 

Cambridge Commodities’ own brand fibres

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