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Earth Circle Ingredients becomes Cambridge Commodities Inc.

On 1st August 2019, we welcomed Cambridge Commodities Inc. to the Cambridge Commodities team after the acquisition of Earth Circle in July 2018. Cambridge Commodities Inc is our US based company previously known as Earth Circle Ingredients. With this new rebrand, the aim is to expand the Cambridge footprint into the American market whilst ensuring our customers remain our number one priority and bringing the expertise of the Earth Circle team to our global team.

The decision is to bring a growing US company focused on organic superfoods and coconut-based products to seamlessly combine and compliment the vast ingredients here at CC.

With this new change, we continue to bring innovation, high quality ingredients and product solutions to our customers that meet the demands of a consumer driven marketplace. 

Cambridge Commodities CEO, James Stevens, explains the successful expansion of Cambridge Commodities Inc:

Discover the array of nutritional ingredients Cambridge Commodities Inc can bring to your product solutions here.

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