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Do your horse a favour

Horse eating grass

With a variety of responsibilities ranging from the agricultural to the athletic, the equine consumer requires a diet specifically tailored to their particular nutritional needs. In the last several years, the global value of the equine pharmaceuticals and supplements markets notably grew at an average rate of 4.52% from 2013 to 2017. While the British Horse Society evidences that Britain had an estimated horse population of just 847,000 in 2019, the market for horse nutrition provides a niche but sturdy sphere to branch into.

But regardless of what horses need, the question remains: what do they want? You do not necessarily need apposable thumbs to be a fussy eater, so finding ingredients that appeal to our four-hooved friends can be yet another obstacle in establishing a market foothold. For those who want to weigh their options, we at Cambridge Commodities have put together a poster detailing some functional horse ingredients that can help your brand to get back in the saddle.


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