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Cambridge Commodities Named as Distributor of Volac's Clear Water Protein Volactive® Pro2O™

We are excited to announce Cambridge Commodities has been named as a distributor for Volac’s clear water protein, Volactive® Pro2O™, a complete whey protein isolate specially formulated for clear beverages.

Senior Product Development Executive Adam Scott said: “Pro2O™opens up many opportunities for sports and beverage product innovation. Consumers are looking for refreshing and hydrating on-the-go drinks that also provide additional benefits - such as protein.”

Specifically engineered to produce protein waters with the ultimate clarity, Volactive® Pro2O™ contains only trace levels of fat and ash whilst delivering a high protein content. “It is the ideal ingredient to enhance and improve products by meeting both protein and hydration needs in one drink. It is completely clear with little astringency which makes it easy to flavour and mask dairy notes typical of whey.” Adam explained.

For more information about Pro2O™, please contact our sales team.

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