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Cambridge Commodities Named as Distributor of HydroCurc™

We are pleased to have been named the as the distributor of Gencor’s HydroCurc™, a cold water dispersible, powdered curcumin extract with a ratio of 25:1. HydroCurc™ is specifically designed to increase absorption of its active curcuminoids through higher bioavailability.

Senior Research and Development Nutritionist, Emma Cattell commented: “HydroCurc™ is really unique compared to other curcumin extracts because it is cold water dispersible. The particles are more bioavailable because they freely disperse, creating a large surface area as shown in a recent pharmacokinetic study.” HydroCurc™ provides over 80% curcuminoids which are powerful antioxidants with potent anti-inflammatory effects.

In aqueous environments such as the stomach, the absorption of fat-soluble compounds such as turmeric can be limited. HydroCurc™ contains LipiSperse™, a novel system designed to increase the dispersion of lipophilic agents in aqueous environments and increase absorption.

“Not only does it have health benefits, because HydroCurc™ is water dispersible it enables an easier clean down post-manufacture providing a cost-effective solution,” Emma explains.

HydroCurc™ is suitable for use in tablets, capsules, effervescent, blends, food products and drinks.

HydroCurc™ is available to order from Cambridge Commodities. Please contact the sales team for further information.

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