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Cambridge Commodities Launches BLENDEV.® Vegan-Suitable Vitamin and Mineral Blend Range

We are pleased to announce the launch of BLENDEV.®, a range of vegan-suitable vitamin and mineral blends that can be added to tablets, capsules, powder blends, food and drinks.

Emma Cattell, senior research and development nutritionist explained: “We created BLENDEV.® in response to a growing demand for both standard fortification blends and heat stable vitamin and mineral blends. The BLENDEV.®  range makes fortifying products easy. The range can be used in conjunction with blends, capsules, tablets, sports nutrition, food and beverage products, as per local legislation.

Our BLENDEV.® range is completely customisable, so if a customer wishes to meet a higher or lower %NRV with their product, our product development team can work with them to bring this to life.”

The BLENDEV.® range includes:

  • BLENDEV.® multimineral
  • BLENDEV.® multivitamin
  • BLENDEV.® B vitamin booster
  • BLENDEV.® ready-to-bake fortification blend

BLENDEV.® multimineral and BLENDEV.® multivitamin

Formulated to contain 100% of the daily nutrient reference values (NRV) as recommended by European Regulations, these blends can be used as a basis for tablets, capsules and blends as well as in food and drinks.

The addition of these vitamin and mineral blends allows a specific set of approved claims to be made on front of pack.

BLENDEV.® B vitamin booster

Our B vitamin booster contains all eight B vitamins designed to meet 100% NRV per serving. They are water soluble, and essential for normal energy yielding metabolism. Individually, each B vitamin plays a role in additional processes including skin health, vision maintenance and energy production. This blend is suitable for everyday wellbeing.

BLENDEV.® ready-to-bake fortification blend

The BLENDEV.® ready-to-bake fortification blend has been formulated so that 21% of the NRV (per 100g of baking mix) of each vitamin and mineral is still present after baking.

Emma continues:

“Vitamins and minerals are absolutely essential to counteract risks of deficiencies which in the long term can cause severe disorders and diseases. Due to lifestyle choices or factors beyond our control, some people may not be able to obtain all the essential vitamins and minerals they need therefore supplementation may be necessary.”

For further information or to discuss a bespoke formulation, please contact us.

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