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Cambridge Commodities Inc. introduces Cambridge Regenerative quality

Our team from across the pond has been busy working on its latest quality seal called Cambridge Regenerative.

With a commitment to organic farming, one of Cambridge Commodities Inc.’s main focuses is to create a sustainable future for generations to come. Cambridge Regenerative is an assessment process, ensuring the highest standards of quality and compliance are met when working with its partners.

Cambridge Regenerative highlights their suppliers’ regenerative agriculture practices, including:

  • Ensuring soil and environmental health, increasing biodiversity, and organic matter over time through regenerative methods and carbon sequestering;
  • Composting, utilising cover crops, crop rotation, and humane animal integration to build soil;
  • Appropriate clearing of forests to prevent deforestation;
  • Providing economic stability, fair wages for farmers, ranchers, and workers, and prevention of child labor.

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