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Cambridge Commodities Awarded 1-Star Best Companies Accreditation

Cambridge Commodities is excited to announce it has been awarded the 1-star Best Companies accreditation for its commitment to staff engagement.

Marie Lee, HR manager at Cambridge Commodities said: “During 2017 we took part in the Best Companies engagement survey to measure the levels of employee engagement within our organisation and we are excited to now share our results. We had an 81% response rate which included very honest feedback from our employees enabling us to celebrate what we do well and focus on areas that require further improvement.”

Organisations must meet a specific BCI score to obtain the award. Marie explained “To put this into perspective, organisations must have a BCI score of at least 659.5 and the 1-star accreditation signifies ‘very good’ levels of workplace engagement. We are very pleased to have achieved a score of 685.6 and scored highly in the following areas:

  • I feel my manager talks openly and honest with me
  • My health is not suffering because of my work
  • My organisation encourages charitable activities

Marie continued, “This award is very important to us as it is employee feedback which has enabled us to achieve the accreditation. This has provided reassurance that we are providing a great work environment for our employees and they enjoy working at Cambridge Commodities.”

To view the full Cambridge Commodities Best Companies profile click here.

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