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Building a better bite - how our Tapioca-sourced IMOFibe® sweetens the deal

They say you are what you eat, and nowhere is that more apparent than in the world of nutritional supplements for food and beverages. As global consumers begin to move towards ethical consumption, plant-based products, and the balancing of fortified foods with indulgent elements, one of the greater challenges for manufacturers and distributors alike is finding a way to stay ahead of the curve with food additives and ingredients that successfully appeal to those ever-evolving market interests. In this new blog series, we’ll be serving up a full-course meal of trending ingredients and finished products for the food and beverage market. So, get comfortable and prepare yourself for today’s special: our branded fibre ingredient, IMOFibe®. 

IMOFibe®: naturally sweet, nutritionally neat 

IMOFibe® is our branded Isomaltooligosaccharide (IMO) which is derived from Tapioca Starch and converted into a resistant starch with the use of enzymes. Resistant starches are resistant to digestion, meaning that small parts of them pass through the digestive tract unchanged, functioning much like a soluble fibre. Resistant starches are found in nature and have been proposed to have a variety of physiological benefits. When a resistant starch goes through the digestive tract, it is able to reach the colon undigested, allowing it to feed gut-friendly bacteria within the body’s microbiome. 

Digestive resistance aside, IMOFibe® further solidifies itself as a robust food ingredient with its natural sweetness. Containing 50-60% of the sweetness of sucrose, IMOFibe® can be seamlessly paired with a variety of high-intensity sweeteners without the drawbacks of artificial taste or lingering bitterness. Low in calories and imbued with impressive binding capabilities, IMOFibe® is well-suited to use in reduced sugar products requiring a substitute to traditional sucrose and alternatives. Were that not incentive enough, IMOFibe® is also a useful bulking agent that is permissible at higher doses than other sugar substitutes due to its relatively low sweetness compared to other sweeteners (34.66±7.65), making it a fully rounded alternative to high sugar syrups or other fibre syrups. Its mouthfeel and texture allow it to act in this role when reducing fat and sugar content in finished products.  

Live the sweet life with Cambridge Commodities 

At Cambridge Commodities, we stand by the quality of every ingredient and finished product we stock. Branded products like IMOFibe® are informed by bleeding edge trends in food technology and the global marketplace.  

IMOFibe® can be purchased in two distinct formats based on your organisation’s specific needs: syrup (P11807) and powder (P11516).   

If you would like to inquire about IMOFibe® and how it can be implemented in your present or future product development, please contact our team today for more information. 

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