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Breakthroughs in bioavailability with AquaCelle® and Cambridge Commodities

In business, innovation is often the result of partnerships. As we close out this year of cutting edge nutritional ingredients and product solutions, we are thrilled to unveil the newest addition to our growing portfolio in the form of our Omega 3 50/25 TG with Lemon Oil & AquaCelle® softgel. The first 50/25 strength softgel to implement Gencor’s unique AquaCelle® aqueous delivery system, it provides a robust solution to a variety of consumer need states that renders it a potentially significant addition to your existing product line.

What’s in a name?

As its name suggests, our Omega 3 50/25 TG with Lemon Oil and AquaCelle® softgel is a multifaceted product with several distinct considerations implemented into its development, not least of which includes the AquaCelle® delivery system incorporated at the point of manufacture. Renowned for its ability to streamline the body’s natural emulsification of Fish Oil, AquaCelle® effectively allows for smaller doses that boast enhanced nutritional potency. This quality can better appeal to the modern “on-the-go” consumer by significantly reducing the routine of traditional Fish Oil softgels that require multiple intakes a day to deliver the same results. Backed by a multitude of Pharmacokinetics studies which substantiate its ability to maximise the bioavailability and functionality of actives, AquaCelle® can provide a formidable edge for meeting the needs of an increasingly personalised and nutrition-conscious consumer market.

As a powerful one-a-day formula delivered in a convenient #22 oblong softgel, this product offers all the nutritional benefits of Omega 3 in a highly efficacious package. Whereas similar products often use Fish Oil in an ethyl ester (EE) form, the Fish Oil in our softgel is in a unique triglyceride (TG) form. As a TG, our Fish Oil takes full advantage of AquaCelle®, providing the most concentrated strain of naturally sourced Fish Oil available in the market at the level of premium quality one can expect from the Cambridge Commodities catalogue. Providing 500mg of Eicosapentaenoic Acid (EPA) and 250mg of Docosahexaenoic Acid (DHA) in a single capsule, our softgel further secures key EFSA health claims for contributing to normal brain and heart function. In a market plagued by products that rely on claims and ingredients with little in the way of verifiable nutritional value,  products aligned with EFSA criteria will always maintain a level of inherent value that will only become increasingly essential over time.

Our product’s organoleptic profile is also unique in its suppression of the unappetising “fishy” reflux often associated with Fish Oil softgels. In addition to AquaCelle®’s natural ability to counteract this side effect, our Omega 3 capsule has been formulated with the inclusion of Lemon Oil to further neutralise any taste-related obstacles to its otherwise widespread market appeal. The resulting zesty and natural flavour could be considered a USP on its own, fully rounding out the array of attributes that make our Omega 3 50/25 TG with Lemon Oil & AquaCelle® softgel a nutritional tour de force.

Accredited for excellence

At Cambridge Commodities, we understand that accreditations not only provide a commercial incentive that is indicative of the quality of our products, but also their ethical and ecological stature. That is why we can confidently claim that our softgel selection consists of ingredients sourced with an observance for market-leading standards of sustainability and supply chain transparency.

Our Fish Oil is sourced in accordance with Friend of the Sea – a leading certification for products and services which respect and protect the marine environment by sourcing from sustainable, non-destructive fisheries and aquaculture.  This certification reassures manufactures and consumers alike that, when buying from Cambridge Commodities or the organisations we supply, there is no question of the fortitude of our commitment to supporting health and wellbeing worldwide at every echelon of our operation.

Our RSPO certification provides an additional measure of supply chain transparency by confirming that the Glycerine used in our softgel capsule shells is derived from Palm Oil which has been organically harvested in a manner compliant with a globally recognised standard of sustainability.

When you purchase our Omega 3 50/25 TG with Lemon Oil & AquaCelle® softgel, you can do so secure in the knowledge that every effort has been made to provide a degree of authenticity and reliability that best represents both our interests and yours.

Your next move

Our Omega 3 50/25 TG with Lemon Oil & AquaCelle® softgel is available for purchase today. If you would like to enquire about its benefits, request a sample or discuss its implementation into your existing product line, contact us today to find out more.

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