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ActiBio®-BS – how Bacillus subtilis takes ActiBio® to the next level

At Cambridge Commodities we continually strive to not only stock the highest quality ingredients but also the latest industry innovations. That’s why we are thrilled to announce the launch of our new ActiBio® probiotic solution containing Bacillus subtilis, ActiBio®-BS (P13511).

When we initially launched our ActiBio® brand, we intended to provide our market with a unique probiotic that could achieve a superior status for its survivability, colonisation and lactic acid production qualities. Thanks to its significantly extended shelf-life compared to similar probiotics in the market and the ability to withstand extreme environmental conditions such as high temperatures and diverse pH levels, ActiBio®-BC (P12884) has proven itself to be a remarkably successful addition to our branded product range. What sets ActiBio®-BS apart from its predecessor, however, is the addition of the bacterium B. subtilis over the original formula’s Bacillus coagulans to offer a distinct, but equally effective, alternative for use in your gut health product line. 

Bacillus coagulans vs. Bacillus subtilis  

To further explain the unique value being offered by ActiBio®-BS, it’s important to understand what the supplementation of ActiBio® with both B. coagulans and B. subtilis can do to enhance its already superior gut colonisation abilities. 

Our B. coagulans probiotic solution, ActiBio®-BC, boasted a number of gut health claims. In addition to supporting overall health by improving digestion and contributing to the normal function of the immune system, the spore-forming B. coagulans germinates and proliferates when exposed to the acidic atmosphere of the stomach to promote the growth of beneficial gut bacteria. The implications of this for microbial health and its use in products that wish to benefit from associated trends have been a major factor in the success of the ActiBio® brand when considered alongside its previously mentioned survivability. 

Our B. subtilis solution provides similar results with differing methods. B. subtilis, much like B. coagulans, is a bacterium that contributes to the production and proliferation of beneficial bacteria in the gut. What distinguishes it from B. coagulans, however, is its ability to further stimulate the production of amylase and protease enzymes which support digestion and the formation of biofilms. These additional contributions help create a greater diversity in the gut microbiome, which helps promote a healthier gut in your customers. 

By expanding our ActiBio® range to include both these forms of probiotic bacteria, we hope to further highlight the importance of diversity for your gut health products while providing a branded solution that’s reinforced by our benchmark standards of nutritional quality.  

Explore ActiBio® with Cambridge Commodities 

Our ActiBio®-BS is available for purchase and sampling today. If you’d like to explore the extent to which B. subtilis diversifies the ActiBio® brand, contact our team for an overview of the product and its potential applications. 

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