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Spirulina powder (FEMAS)

Product code: P1921

Also known as Spirulina pratensis.

Spirulina is an amazing source of nutrients. It is 60% protein. Raw meat is only 27% protein, and even soybeans are only 34% protein.

The protein in Spirulina contains all eight essential amino acids, making it a complete protein. Spirulina is the world's highest known vegetable source of B-12 with high concentrations of vitamins A, B-1, B-2, B-6, D, E, and K. In addition, Spirulina also provides all necessary minerals, trace elements, cell salts, and digestive enzymes. The list does not end here, however, because Spirulina also offers an abundance of chlorophyll, ferrodoxins, and other pigments.

Although considered by many to be an amazing supplement just recently discovered, Spirulina is actually a source of concentrated nutrients that has been used for centuries. The ancient Aztecs thrived on Spirulina from Lake Texcoco in Mexico, and for the people who live around the lake in Chad, Africa, Spirulina has been a mainstay in their diet for generations.

Spirulina is a water-grown, 100% vegetable plankton, a blue-green algae that grows in fresh water lakes throughout the world.


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