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Konjac glucomannan 90%

Product code: P1107

Also known as Glucomannan.

Konjac is an ideal weight loss supplement, which also absorbs toxins and aids in the prevention of certain diseases. It is something everyone can enjoy, including vegetarians, because it is extracted from the root of the Konjac plant, indigenous to Japan. The Konjac root, also known as Konnyaku, has been a popular food in Asia for over 2,000 years. The active ingredient in the Konjac root is the primary component, Glucomannan, which is low in calories, but high in fibre.

Konjac, an excellent source of dietary fibre, assists in weight control. When ingested, it turns into a gel-like substance able to expand up to fifty times its weight, causing a feeling of fullness, which prevents over eating. It encircles the fats, as a net would, and excretes them out of the body, averting fat absorption into the blood. Researchers attest to glucomannan's weight loss rate, an average of 5.5 pounds in eight weeks, as being healthy. In addition, because Glucomannan helps prevent absorption of fats into the blood, it is able to keep blood cholesterol levels from escalating into dangerously high ranges. High blood cholesterol is a precursor to cardiovascular diseases such as arteriosclerosis, the hardening and thickening of artery walls, resulting from a build-up of fats in the veins. Arteriosclerosis or any condition that restricts blood circulation can lead to sudden and fatal cardiac arrest.

While restricting fats, it also monitors sugars consumed in the diet by releasing them into the blood gradually. This protects the pancreas, which produces the insulin necessary for breaking down the sugars en route to the tissues, from over-exertion. By normalising blood sugar levels, this is not only helpful for diabetics, but it may also help prevent the development of diabetes and hypoglycaemia.

Acting as a cleanser, Konjac absorbs and then expels toxins from the intestines quickly. This process safeguards against gastrointestinal diseases and disorders. Results from laboratory studies attribute a low development of colon tumours to Glucomannan, as well as acting as an inhibitor to spontaneous liver tumorigenesis. Additionally, it has demonstrated an ability to alleviate constipation, which may be as a result of the gel-like texture Glucomannan assumes when digested.

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