Plant powders and extracts

(FR1) - freeze dried sour cherry powder 0-2mm with 1% silicon dioxide

Product code: P11999

This ingredient is 99% sour cherry powder (also known as tart cherry powder), with 1% silicon dioxide (used to help prevent any unwanted clumping). It is gently freeze dried, which is a superior method of drying fruits/vegetables for a number of reasons:

1. Freeze drying is one of the best drying methods for retaining important vitamins like vitamin C

2. Freeze drying is one of the best drying methods for retaining the phytochemicals in fruits and vegetables; certain phytochemicals such as anthocyanins in cherries can give a vibrant colour, and therefore better retention of phytochemicals can often lead to better retention of the fruit's natural colouring.

3. Freeze drying is also one of the best drying methods for retaining a natural flavour profile.


Sour cherries are a commonly consumed fruit around Europe. Although there have been many health claims that have been submitted to EFSA for review, none have been authorised at the time of writing this (03/01/2020). Health claims that have been submitted to EFSA include health claims relating to a healthy heart, joints, cognitive function, digestive function, and claims relating to antioxidant function. As none of these health claims are authorised, tart cherries rely on their vibrant colour and phenomenal taste to sell themselves. 



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