Additives and excipients

Calcium carbonate precipitated (39.6 - 40.0% ca) (femas)

Product code: P0302

Nutrition Supplements and Fortification 

Calcium carbonate is one of the most popular sources of calcium for food supplements and fortification because it has a high elemental value of calcium (typically around 40%); this is useful because calcium can be one of the most bulky minerals to fortify with, with the reference intake (EU) being 800mg. This means that 2000mg of calcium carbonate would typically provide 100% of the reference intake. 

Calcium is important for a range of different functions in the body. Calcium has authorised EFSA health claims for contributing to the following:

-normal blood clotting

-normal energy yielding metabolism 

-normal muscle function

-normal neurotransmission 

-normal function of digestive enzymes

Calcium also has authorised EFSA health claims for its role in the process of cell division and specialisation as well and the maintenance of normal teeth and bones.

The benefit of using calcium carbonate in fortification is it's high calcium content means that less material is required; calcium carbonate is particularly insoluble however, which can produce a chalky mouthfeel and come across as soapy or lemony in certain product applications. 

The tolerable upper intake level of calcium for adults is 2500mg/day; this was established in 2003 by the Scientific Committee on Food (SCF). 

Additive/Excipient Use

Calcium carbonate is authorised as an additive in the EU. Calcium carbonate is commonly used in making food supplements as a bulking agent. For tableting applications we would recommend the 'DC' material, which means that it is directly compressible. 

Calcium carbonate is alkaline and can be used to control acidity. Calcium carbonate also provides a white colour and can sometimes be used as a clean label alternative to titanium dioxide.

Calcium carbonate can also be used as a nutrient for yeast in baking and beer brewing. 

CR 14/05/2019


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