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Agar agar powder

Product code: P01060

Agar, or agar-agar is derived from red-algae. It is a jelly-like substance used for making vegetarian jelly. Agar consists of a combination of agarose and agaropectin; these are both polysaccharides that give agar its jelly like consistency. 


Agar has a good balance between melting easily and good gel stability at high temperatures, making it excellent for making vegetarian jelly with. It melts at 85°C and solidifies at 32- 40 °C.

Regulatory and safety 

It is authorised in the EU as an additive under the e-number E 406. It is part of Group I additives. The conditions of use/ maximum limits would depend on the category; see regulation 1333/2008 for these. 

To see the EFSA review of the safety of Agar, see here:

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