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Product code: P0104

Acesulfame K (also known as Acesulfame Potassium) is a high intensity sweetener that is 200 times sweeter than table sucrose (table sugar). Acesulfame K provides a sweet taste but provides no kcals; this is because it is not metabolised by the body and is excreted unchanged. It does not promote tooth decay like sugar does.

Sweetness profile and taste profile

Acesulfame K has a fast onset with no lingering aftertaste; it can even work synergistically with other sweeteners, for example it will often be combined with sucralose and aspartame to shorten the lingering sweetness. Acesulfame K can enhance and intensify certain flavours and work well combined with caloric sweeteners to have a more sugar-like sweetness. 

Safety and Regulatory 

Acesulfame K, among other low and no calorie sweeteners (LNCSs), is classed as an additive and has an e-number (E 950 ); this means that it is regulated within in the EU and is subject to rigorous safety evaluation before being permitted in foods or drinks, The e-number means that it has passed safety tests and has been approved for use in the EU.

Usage levels in the EU should be in compliance with the Food Additives Regulation (Reg. 1333/2008) - the permitted usage level would depend on the category of the food product.

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