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Acacia gum

Product code: P0101


Flavour encapsulation

Gum acacia is often used in flavour encapsulation; this involves forming a thin film around the flavour particle to make the powder stable, free-flowing, water dispersible and controlled release.

Brewing and winemaking

In brewing, acacia gum is used to help stabilise foam and in winemaking, it is used to prevent off-tastes and to improve mouthfeel.


Gum acacia is commonly used to prevent or slow the crystallisation of sugar in confectionary glazes. It might also be used as an emulsifier. It might also be used for coating/film-forming in the production of confectionary.

Soft drinks

Gum acacia is used in soft drinks to prevent clouding; it can be used to emulsify concentrated syrups that are used to produce soft drinks, such as cola. Soft drinks such as cola might use flavouring agents with varying levels of fat (such as cola nut) which need to be uniformly dispersed throughout the mixture with the use of acacia gum.

Physical properties

Gum acacia has a compact arabinogalactan structure and is highly branched; this gives it a low viscosity and makes it possible to be dissolved in hot or cold water and forms a solution with up to 55% acacia gum. This is the highest concentration possible for gum by far.

Usage instructions/dose

Usage levels would depend on the product application: in the EU, conditions of use would be stipulated by Regulation 1333/2008 and dependent on the product category. Gum arabic (acacia gum) is part of Group 1 Additives and has the e-number ‘E 413’.


The link to the European Food Safety Authority (EFSA) re-evaluation of acacia gum as a food additive can be found here:

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