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Immunity community: how Vita-algae D® can give you the innovation you need


At Cambridge Commodities, we have always recognised the importance of staying happy and healthy. As part of an ongoing emphasis on providing our community with quality expertise, we will be launching a series of articles that detail our many immunity products and ingredients. This ‘immunity community’ will consist of insights and intelligence that will help you better understand the role they play in promoting immune health. This week, we’ll be providing an overview of supplemental Vitamin D and its variety of uses as an immunity ingredient.

What is Vitamin D, exactly?

One initial fact about Vitamin D is the misnomer of its name. “Vitamin D” is technically not a vitamin, but a prohormone which serves as a precursor to a hormone. A fat-soluble nutrient, its traditional presence in fish, eggs and supplemented dairy products have made those food groups staple dietary components. It can be difficult, however, for vegan consumers to consistently acquire Vitamin D in their diets, which has led to a recent boom of plant-based proteins designed to support the equally booming market of vegan consumers. In the current global climate especially, demand for Vitamin D supplements will likely see a sharp incline as a result of an increasingly relevant vegan subculture.

Vitamin D supplementation can be an especially relevant category considering the frequency with which medical professionals recognise Vitamin D deficiencies due to factors such as a lack of natural sunlight. With permitted label claims of contributing to the normal function of the immune system and healthy bone growth in children as well as the regular maintenance of the immune system in adults, it also has a notable niche as a vitamin that can uniquely appeal to entire family units. As the key nutrient in aiding the body in the absorption of calcium, vitamin D also lays claim to label claims associated with the mineral, making it difficult to debate its sturdy nutritional profile as an ingredient for immunity products.

At Cambridge Commodities we offer many different types of format, however because of its fat-solubility, many prefer to ingest and implement Vitamin D in oil formats. Regardless of format, however, daily Vitamin D supplementation is highly recommended, making it a reliable addition to any number of product lines.

How can we help?

We endeavour to uniquely cater to any ingredient or product specification your company might require. With Vitamin D being so vital to the immune system, we ensure that it can be found in key formats within our ingredient catalogue.  This not only includes oil and powder, but also sprays, droppers, tablets and capsules, all available on request. For additional peace of mind, we also address popular market concerns on format stability with our stable powder applications while taking full advantage of our recent emphasis on softgel production to offer bespoke strengths of Vitamin D softgels as needed.

Special solutions: Vita-algae D® and softgels

As a Cambridge Commodities branded ingredient rich in Vitamin D, Vita-algae D® (P12360) also presents an ideal solution for Vitamin D product innovation. Derived entirely from sustainably sourced algae and available in both oil and powder formats, Vita-algae D® is a vegan-suitable form of Vitamin D that balances market preference with versatility. Being able to implement Vitamin D without sacrificing vegan positioning allows your products to enjoy a unique selling point that will become increasingly valuable in the coming months.

Our Vitamin D3 softgel solution not only comes in the most common strength found on the market at 1000ig/20µg (P14234), but can also be found in a variety of other strengths with halal options to improve accessibility for products that require it. Like all our Vitamin D supplements, it is ideal for those receiving sub-optimal levels of Vitamin D from sunlight and diet with the added benefit of being easily swallowed by consumers who struggle with dysphagia, providing several opportunities for product positioning.

When buying softgels and other nutritional ingredients from Cambridge Commodities, we can ensure that our trusted suppliers will be able to further cater to your company’s needs by keeping our warehouse fully stocked with a range of key products. Whatever you would like to do with your brand, you can rest assured that we will be able to meet rising customer demand for immunity ingredients going forward.

If you’d like to enquire about Vita-algae D®, our Vit D3 softgel or any of our Vitamin D blends, contact our team today to find out more:

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