Cambridge Commodities hosts virtual work experience day

As a Cornerstone Employer, Cambridge Commodities was invited to host a virtual work experience day as part of a remote work experience event for local schools. Highfield Ely Academy, Highfield Littleport Academy, Meadowgate Academy and The Harbour School were the four taking part.

The aim of the work experience day was to give the students an insight into Cambridge Commodities, the different departments and how they all work together to ensure the successful running of the business. A project was set for the day which was to create a new drink using a variety of ingredients provided by CC, create a magazine advert for their drink, and finally, present their idea to the rest of the class.

The students presented back to the businesses at the end of the week to explain what they learnt and what they enjoyed about the day. The feedback was very positive. The favourite tasks from the students were learning about the different departments, being able to create a new drink and coming up with a name for it. The top flavours of the day were blueberry and strawberry, but unfortunately, the pomegranate powder did not go down so well!

Alicia Bedford, HR Executive said: “We are really pleased with how our day with the students went. Giving back to the local community is very important to us and we are happy we could take part in this along with other businesses from the area. We are so glad the students enjoyed it and were able to take something away from the day.”

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