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Fava Bean protein

ProEarth® Fava Bean Protein

Product code: P13498

A naturally high protein source, rich in amino acids and produced to the highest standards. This product is clean tasting and made with a gentle process to ensure great product quality.

  • High in protein 88%
  • Vegan suitable
  • Good aqueous mixability


What is ProEarth® Fava Bean Protein?

The Fava Bean (also known as Broad bean, Horse bean or Faba bean) is an extremely versatile product with a neutral flavour profile. Containing 88% protein with such a subtle natural taste, Fava Bean Protein powder works great in a wide variety of applications, predominantly shakes and blends.

Most uniquely, unlike many other vegan proteins, this fava powder provides the body with complete protein profile ensuring that the body receives the essential amino acids. Fava Bean Protein is vegan-friendly, non-GMO, highly nutritious and offers a natural source of protein and fibre, it is also 100% allergen-free. 

For a technical dossier document on ProEarth® Fava Bean, please contact our sales team using the quick links bar.

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